Insubrica Historica had the opportunity Wednesday 20.3.2019 to present the progress of his research for its PhD thesis on the German and Fascist military presence during the period 1943-1945 in the Lake Maggiore region and in particular in Cannobio.

The presentation started at 21h, in the Parasi Hall of Cannobio, in a room packed with about 40 participants. The evening was briefly introduced by the vice-mayor of Cannobio Marco Cattaneo, head of Culture. The local journalist and expert Teresio Valsesia then briefly presented the context of Raphael Rues’ research.

The presentation lasted 55 minutes and touched on various aspects of the period of 1943-1945, with a specific focus on Cannobio and its surroundings. The following topics were discussed:

  • the arrival of the Waffen-SS Leibstandarte on Lake Maggiore
  • the structure of the SS in Northern Italy and in the region (Waffen-SS, SS-Polizei, Sicherheitsdienst, Allgemein-SS)
  • the SS-Polizei operation in the Val Grande in June 1944 and the shooting at Finero of 15 partisans
  • the reprisal conducted by the SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans Clemens in Cannobio on 27 August 1944
  • the fascist reoccupation of Cannobio on 9 September 1944 (the documented presence of personalities such as Enrico Maria Salerno and Dario Fò)
  • the reoccupation of the Partisan Republic of Ossola in October 1944 by the German and Fascists troops
  • the arrival of the American forces of the 34th Red Bull Infantry Division at the Swiss border of Madonna del Ponte in Brissago
Officers of the fascists parachutist Regiment Folgore handling the exchange of prisoners with representatives of the partisan forces, approx. 18 September 1944 in Traffiume-Cannobio, lake Maggiore.

It was a very interesting evening, followed by an even more challenging discussion of about 60 minutes that clarified the various points of the presentation.

Insubrica Historica would like to thank the Municipality of Cannobio, in particular Marco Cattaneo and particularly his friend Teresio Valsesia, a reputed local journalist and passionate mountaineer, for everything he has done for Insubrica Historica.

Addendum 31.3.2019

The local Tourist Office in Cannobio (Palazzo Parasi, Via Antonio Giovanola, 28222 Cannobio) as well as Libreria Mondadori (Via Guglielmo Marconi, 2, 28822 Cannobio) have both in sale the book “SS-Polizei Ossola Lago Maggiore 1943-1945”.

Das örtliche Fremdenverkehrsamt in Cannobio (Palazzo Parasi, Via Antonio Giovanola, 28222 Cannobio) sowie die Buchhandlung Mondadori (Via Guglielmo Marconi, 2, 28822 Cannobio) haben beide in ihren Lagerbeständen unseres Buches “SS-Polizei Ossola Lago Maggiore 1943-1945”.

L’Ufficio del Turismo di Cannobio (Palazzo Parasi, Via Antonio Giovanola, 28222 Cannobio) come pure la libreria Mondadori (Via Guglielmo Marconi, 2, 28822 Cannobio) vendono entrambi copie del nostro lavoro “SS-Polizei Ossola Lago Maggiore 1943-1945”.