Month: April 2019

Lilja Slutskaja: Fascinating artistic life

Insubrica Historica exists thanks to a network of friends, all with amazing stories. These are rare and true testimonials related to the history of the Insubrica region. Today, we will write about Lilja Slutskaja (also sometimes written as Lilija Sluckaja). We can consider ourselves privileged to discuss this wonderful artist, […]

Russian Embargo and Swiss cheese

Insubrica Historica is spending few days holiday in the Komi Republic, at the footsteps of the European side of the Ural mountain range. Komi Republic is bigger then Germany (415k km2 to 357k km2), but with slightly less than 1 Mio. inhabitants in a decreasing tendency since 1990, mostly of […]

Katia Rues’ PhD Thesis online

To do things right and complete, we have just published on our blog the PhD work that our volunteer Katia Rues accomplished in 2007. The focus is on the soviet Gulags as any mentioning of « Gulag Culture » as an integrant part of Russian Cultural History was banned during […]