Documentary registered in 1998 by Insubrica Historica, related to the military operations against the Partisan Republic of Ossola

We are glad to announce a forthcoming conference, scheduled for Friday 27. September 2019 at 18h15 in Locarno. The conference will be held at Palazzo Morettini in Via Capuccini 12. Palazzo Morettini is also the site of Locarno Cantonal Library.

The conference will see interventions by Prof. Pier-Antonio Ragozza of Premosello-Domodossola and Dr. Marino Viganò. For the time being this is just a pre-announcement. The title of the conference will be “Il Locarnese e la Zona libera partigiana dell’Ossola – 75° anniversario (1944-2019)“.

Further details on this conference, held also to commemorate the 75th anniversary of this free partisan zone will be published in the coming months.