We are glad to announce a forthcoming conference, scheduled for Friday 6. September 2019 at 21h00 in Baveno – Lago Maggiore. The conference will be held at Biblioteca Civica di Baveno in Piazza della Chiesa 8, I-28831 Baveno .

The lower region of lake Maggiore was markedly affected by the war events during the time span 1943-1945. We will will present in this conference, the analysis of the German and Fascists operations in this region. After a brief historical introduction by Dr. Gianni Galli, the conference will introduce the major German and Fascists protagonists. Beside Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler, the Marine Einsatz Kommando 80 there will be exclusive pictures and historical details on the activities of the SS-Polizei in Baveno. The presentation will highlight the less known figure of Hauptmann Ludwig Stamm, responsible of this unit in Baveno. Special attention will also be given in portraying the activities of the Italian Fascists units.

The conference will see interventions by Gianni Galli and Raphael Rues. For the time being this is just a pre-announcement, further details will be published in due time on Insubrica Historica website as well as Comune di Baveno.