Insubrica Historica together with Antenna Ticinese Verbanisti, has the pleasure to announce a round-table discussion scheduled for friday 27th September 2019 at 18h15 in Locarno (Biblioteca Cantonale). The Biblioteca Cantonale in Locarno has just started last week the marketing, publishing a first news on their website.

Pietro Morettini’s building in Locarno old town, not far away from the oldest existing house, Casa del Negromante, in Locarno.

The evening will be moderated by Dr. Stefano Vassere, director of the Biblioteche Cantonali. Pier-Antonio Ragozza, well known for his researches on the Linea Cadorna, will illustrate the role and importance of Swiss help for the existence of this albeit short-lived free-republic. Marino Viganò will illustrate the general historical context. Marino, a well known historian, is probably among the best specialists was belongs to this specific historic period 1943-1945 in Ticino. Raphael Rues will introduce and address the German and Fascists operations at the border with the Swiss cantons: Wallis and Ticino.

The invitation for this evening can be downloaded here. The discussion and presentation will start at 18h15. We will resume the discussion with an informal dinner in a nearby restaurant. Let us know if you plan to attend this presentation.