The city council of Domodossola has just announced the various events for celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Ossola Partisan Republic. Insubrica Historica with Raphael Rues, has the privilege to participate to the first event.

On Friday 27 September 2019 at 18.15 a round table will be held at the Locarno cantonal library. The goal is to discuss the contribution of the Ticino population – specifically of the Locarno region – to the Ossola Partisan movement. Speakers will be Dr. Pier Antonio Ragozza, Dr. Marino Viganò and Raphael Rues of Insubrica Historica. The commemorations will continue in Domodossola, with many events organized by the City Council in collaboration with Associazione Nazionale Partigiani Italia (ANPI) and other bodies. Saturday 28 September at 11 am in the chapel Mellerio there will be the presentation of the book “Il tempo giovane”, with the author Almerico Realfonzo. At 21 in Collegiate, the concert with the choirs Seo Cai and Gaudium Domodossola. On October 2 at 17 will be inaugurated the exhibition “Ettore Tibaldi: subversive doctor. From the Certosa of Pavia to the Republic of Ossola”. The exhibition is curated by Pier Antonio Ragozza, Andrea Pozzetta and Piergiacomo Garlaschelli and will remain on display until October 27. It will be open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9/12-14/17.

Friday 4 October at 10:30 am, the middle school named after Gisella Floreanini, at 10:30 am will be awarded the Prize Partisan Republic of Ossola. On Saturday 5 October at 10 am in the hall of the Unione Montana in Via Romita, there will be the presentation of the book “In nome della legge”, chronicles and historical events of the Guardia di Finanza in Ossola, written by the major of the Guardia di Finanza Gerardo Severino and Dr. Pier Antonio Ragozza.

The ceremony celebrating the Partisan Republic will be held on 6 October with the official oration at 10.30 am in Piazza Matteotti held by the historian Gianni Oliva. Friday 11 October 17:00 at Unione Montana there will be the presentation of the book by Raphael Rues “SS – Polizei Ossola – Lake Maggiore 1943-45“, will be present the author.

Saturday 12 October at 20:30 the appointment is at the cine-theater of Malesco, with the presentation of the film “La traccia interrotta – Antifascists in Switzerland 1933-1945”. The director, Mathias Knauer and film critic Catherine Silberschimidt will be present. Tuesday October 15 at 20:45 at the chapel Mellerio will be presented the film “Libere” by Rossella Schillaci, by the association Terra Donna.

At the Teatro Galletti Friday 18 October at 10:30 am will be on stage the boys and teachers of the school Ferrari Cantù with the collaboration of students of Spezia Domo, for the show “E poi scoppiera l’incendio – And then the fire will break out”. It is a re-enactment of the historical events of the “40 days of freedom”.

The celebrations of the 75th anniversary of the Partisan Republic of Ossola, will end Saturday 19 October at 21 in Collegiate Church with a concert by the Civic Musical Body of Domodossola.