Benito Mussolini in Locarno Ticino

The Locarno Treaties were seven agreements negotiated in Locarno from October 5 till October 16 1925 and were formally ratified in London on 1 December 1925. The treaties defined how the Western European Allied powers and the new states of the Central and Eastern Europe sought to secure the territorial […]

Beautiful Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese Milano

An important aspect of the extended Insubrica region is also related to car manufacturing heritage. An interesting and easy accessible museum is one of Alfa Romeo, situated in Arese, near the highway E62 (coming from Switzerland A9, direction Milan, first exit on the right). The museum (closed in 2011) was reopened […]

Artillery Fort above Magadino Ticino

On the hill side, above Magadino, there is an interesting vestige of the First World War which is worth visiting. It is an artillery fort originally built between 1912 and 1919. It consisted of two canon positions (7.5 cm Krupp canons on Sulzer racks), two battle racks for machine guns and […]