lake Maggiore

Antenna Ticinese dei Verbanisti

The Società dei Verbanisti is a non-profit association that brings together scholars and enthusiasts of the history, art and culture of the territories surrounding Lake Maggiore and in particular of the provinces of Verbano Cusio Ossola, Novara, Varese and the area of Locarno (Canton Ticino). The association was founded in […]

Save-the-date: Conference Meina-Lesa-Baveno nel periodo 1943-1945. Analisi delle attività tedesche e fasciste nella zona. Baveno 6.9.19/21h00

We are glad to announce a forthcoming conference, scheduled for Friday 6. September 2019 at 21h00 in Baveno – Lago Maggiore. The conference will be held at Biblioteca Civica di Baveno in Piazza della Chiesa 8, I-28831 Baveno . The lower region of lake Maggiore was markedly affected by the […]