Save-the-date: Conference Meina-Lesa-Baveno nel periodo 1943-1945. Analisi delle attività tedesche e fasciste nella zona. Baveno 6.9.19/21h00

We are glad to announce a forthcoming conference, scheduled for Friday 6. September 2019 at 21h00 in Baveno – Lago Maggiore. The conference will be held at Biblioteca Civica di Baveno in Piazza della Chiesa 8, I-28831 Baveno . The lower region of lake Maggiore was markedly affected by the […]

The February 2019 visit to Leicester

Last week Insubrica Historica travelled to Leicester, England. It was very nice to be back after that much time, the last time that I visited Leicester was in 2003. Indeed much has changed, especially the University premises are hardly recognizable from before. Plenty of new buildings and many more that will […]