Ticinesi in Russia, 1812

An important chapter of Insubrica, which we have already mentioned in the past (see Mainoni butcher of Stans), is the Swiss army that fought for Napoleon’s campaigns. It is an important chapter, that saw many Ticinesi perishing for Napoleon, particularly in his 1812 campaign against Russia. The constant campaigning of […]

Press Release – Insubrica Historica on Amazon Online Europe (Germany, England and Italy)

Minusio, 17.2.2019. Insubrica History has successfully passed the checks and controls for selling books online in Europe. We are delighted to announce that the publication SS-Polizei Ossola Lago Maggiore is now available on the three following Amazon online bookshops:Amazon Italia: ordina seguendo questo linkAmazon Deutschland: bestellen Sie hierAmazon UK: order hereYou can always […]

List of living traditions in Switzerland

With the ratification of the UNESCO Convention on the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage on October 16, 2008, Switzerland started to develop, maintain and periodically update an inventory of its intangible cultural heritage.The «List of Living Traditions in Switzerland» was created as a part of the implementation of this UNESCO […]

Tremola and its engineer Meschini

Francesco Meschini was born in Piazzogna (today the municipality of Gambarogno) on 4 August 1762. He was educated at the Academy of Brera in Milan. Becoming a young engineer and architect, he got his first assignment in 1790 in the context of the renovation project related to the church San […]