Author: Raphael Rues

Ticinesi Artists in London and England

Insubrica Historica is responsible for describing not only the local history, but also for looking at what happened outside our region, but with a direct implication with the region of Insubrica. It is an exercise we have already done for Rome, retracing the greatest works of art by artists from […]

Save-the-date: Conference Meina-Lesa-Baveno nel periodo 1943-1945. Analisi delle attività tedesche e fasciste nella zona. Baveno 6.9.19/21h00

We are glad to announce a forthcoming conference, scheduled for Friday 6. September 2019 at 21h00 in Baveno – Lago Maggiore. The conference will be held at Biblioteca Civica di Baveno in Piazza della Chiesa 8, I-28831 Baveno . The lower region of lake Maggiore was markedly affected by the […]

Lilja Slutskaja: Fascinating artistic life

Insubrica Historica exists thanks to a network of friends, all with amazing stories. These are rare and true testimonials related to the history of the Insubrica region. Today, we will write about Lilja Slutskaja (also sometimes written as Lilija Sluckaja). We can consider ourselves privileged to discuss this wonderful artist, […]